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Let's Give Credit with Interest

I do feel more than a little sorry for Neil Adams, his team grinds out a very valuable and much needed 3 points, showing much more determination and resilience than of late. But yet he gets very little credit, those strongly in favour of a new manager  gives the least credit, finding just about everything that can be found wrong and a lot that cannot be be found,  he will never be accepted at all by those.

We should have whipped their arses and ran out 4 or 5 nil winners, it was drab, boriing, we parked a bus and very much like Hughton.  Some of the things I have heard sadly.  

But we forget Wigan were at home, with a new manager and showed some minute signs of improving over thier last couple of games, while City were away, continuing to tumble down, confidence looked shot plus anything to do was being proclaimed as being in turmoil.  

Who would you have fancied to pick up the points ?   I predicted a loss for our boys or at best a draw which would have brought a little steadiness to the fall.   I must admit to being bloody delighted, that may not be the result of the season nor the fast flowing football we all want to see, but it is all about getting results and  Team Adams delivered.

Does poor old Neil, get any credit of course not;  that success is squarely put down to the Mike Phelan effect,   which to me is what he is brought into do, help,assist and advise. But end of the day Adams has final say as manager, and as manager deserves a lot of credit,  let's be honest when it goes wrong he gets the full whack of blame with all the fault being laid on his plate.  

Yet the same people;  players, coaches and manager are involved whichever way it goes.   Adams is dammed if he does and dammed if  he  doesn't..

We have all been here in this exact place before countless times over the years we have been following our club,  What is needed is to help Manager, Coaches and Players kick on from this result and get things back on the course to achieve the goal.   Whether that is by playing this mysterious Norwich Way  or grinding out results like saturday.  By support.  why not try getting behind a player by singing his name when he makes a mistake, instead of bloody moaning and groaning or jeering. 

Praise always works for children and as I go through life I see it works for adults too.   Well done Neil, Gary, Mike and all players in the squad, whether involved or not.   You can do it again and again


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