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Life and Norwich City Will Go On

With the silence deafening from either Club, City and Villa, it really stands to reason something is still going on, it is perhaps not as clear cut as first reported hours ago by The Sun and others.

But now the heat is starting go a little colder on fans views and opinions it is a good time to realise that life will go in the crazy world of football. 

Norwich City will still be Norwich City, we will still be in the Premier League, we will still be a very attractive club and life will go on even if Paul Lambert does decide to head to the midland.   There is be no shortage of takers to fill that seat. 

We are in a very healthy position all round the club, yes there is some debt but show me any football club that hasn't got that too. Our debt is managable or so the experts lead us to believe, we have a very young, hungry and not so less experienced squad, that only needs a little tinkering and adding to; not a complete rebuilding job that Lambert will face if he goes to Villa.

We are in a far, far better shape, than when some of our other managers have left the hot seat, 

So fellow City supporters there will be life after Paul Lambert,  it will be perhaps for some just leave a bitter taste from this fiasco, but I am sure that when those of us with that taste sit down and think; it will not take long to turn to sweetness again.

It isn't all doom and gloom, already I am getting a little excited at the prospect of seeing who is given the honouring of guiding our club higher, plus what players they will want to add to the squad. 

We knew there was a chance that this sort of thing would happen, like we also knew one day someone would come a knocking for Lambert's services,  and if we are totally honest the success we have had has been achived in half the time that was layed down at the beginning; that success has made Lambert the red hot property that he is.

We have had a fantastic 3 seasons, and I would like to thank Paul Lambert for his part in that and wish him some luck if he is to depart for a new challenge, because some how I think he will need it and a lot of it.

Mike Walker found out that life isn't always as good, nor the grass being greener elsewhere.


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