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Looking for More than One Response

Another away game another tonking, it is becoming a habit of Chris Hughton's reign. then he has the gall to blame his defendes for all of the goals.  Sorry Mr Hughton but I have been watching football for a long long while and what I witnessed last night was a player performing at the very highest level he has ever perfomed at.  I would say that a dozen or so teams defenders would have struggled with Suarez last night.

Who expected him to shoot from there for his first ? His second should have been dealt with grant you. His third was pure brilliance, His fourth from the highest draw in the chest.  

I didn't see anymore because I was so embarressed and angry I turned off.

I await for the famous words which have become in my view Hughton's catchphrase  "We are looking for a response"  well Mr Hughton there are many supporters who are looking for a response, a response from you to drop this crazy containing denfensive mindset especially away from Home.  If not , then a response  from the Board, one of there's the door

You cannot go to places like Spurs, Arsenal, the Manchester clubs and now Anfield and try and contain, might as well send them an invite to hammer us. 

Your record is terrible and in any other club you would have had your P45 .."Norwich have won just four games in the EPL since February 2012"

Surely that is More Than Enough ....

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