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Looking Forwards To Liverpool

Having seen our defence leak three goals a game at the moment it is no surprise to any of us that this has been targeted this January. The back line of Martin, Bennett, Bassong and Brady has quite frankly been poor.

Martin is in a wretched place at the moment, and every home game alone we see Bassong dawdle on the ball or miss interceptions that need covering. That leaves us with Robbie Brady despite what our boss says he is not a left back he totally lacks the defensive attributes for that position and it was himself and Bassong who were at fault for the Gosling goal on Saturday letting him in unmarked.
With the arrival of Pinto and the hopeful imminent arrival of Tim Klose this Saturday against Liverpool we must field a back four of Pinto, Bennett, Klose and Olsson two full backs who are predominantly more defensively minded and can operate well going forward and both able to overlap the wingers and two tall centre backs one in Klose who is all about defence and timing and Bennett who is very good on the ball at the back for a big man and as we all know very good in the air.
This then comes to the midfield, we seem too have lost the in your face attitude we use to have. We may not be as good as the majority of the teams in the league thats fine but you should never be out worked, every time a player has the ball he should be chased down and given no time on the ball this is why the potential signing of Steven Naismith could be huge. He will hurry and harry not only the defensive midfielder but all of the back four into making mistakes, which will fire the home crowd up and hopefully his team mates too but will also relieve  pressure on the defence. I am a huge Wes Hoolahan fan but he seems to pushed of the ball far too easily now meaning the lone striker has no help and is left isolated and the ball just comes straight back.
I am extremely surprised as too why Mulumbu is not starting considering he holds the record for the most interceptions in the Premier League. If we are going to continue to play two wingers that leaves us with two midfield positions, I personally would start with both Tettey and Mulumbu with both told to try and break up the play and get it too the two wingers and Naismith as soon as possible. Its without doubt going to be a game of counter attack trying to get in behind the likes of Clyne and Moreno to deliver into the box for Mbokani or Jerome and the in rushing Naismith. Playing both Tettey and Mulumbu gives us the greater chance of breaking up the Rhythm of Firmino, Lallana and Henderson and with Naismith applying pressure to Emre Can it might just start too give them some questions we hope they cannot answer.
With our wing positions our choices are Brady, Jarvis and Redmond. Although Redmond himself has been in a sticky spot of form we are just waiting for him to bust out of it and with him and Jarvis together they are the best two with the ball at their feet running in behind. I also think this is the one thing that us Norwich fans want too see more off Redmond running at the opposing full back and taking them on, so many times in recent times we have seen him take the easy way out when he has all the ability in the world to beat the person he worries about taking on we need to see that side of him come out more often.
Up front with the protracted Hooper and Lafferty deals going through we only have Jerome and Mbokani left. I am certainly hopeful that another striker is on the cards other wise we could be in a lot of trouble.With Mbokani he is big strong holds the ball up well and can deliver a clever flick or two but lacks in the speed department. Then with Cameron Jerome he has the speed although not in goal scoring form either he is very good at creating space for his team mates, and that maybe a very good foil for the likes of Naismith getting in between the two centre halves so personally i would start with Jerome.
All in all no matter who is picked to play i think the very least we should get is 100% commitment other than that its down to the day and if we can execute the game plan, but when you do not see that commitment as a fan especially when you travel hundreds of miles to see that the players can expect no less than to have themselves questioned.
Here is to a better Saturday next week

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