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Mackall Smith Bid...So Say Sky

Good old,  Sky Sports   they  understand  that City have tabled a bid for Brighton striker Craig Mackail-Smith.

Now I don't believe a word of this for one second.  the article goes on to say:

It is thought Norwich tried to capture the frontman while he was with the Posh but missed out to the south coast side.

What a load of Bull, it isn't thought it was known, Lambert and McNally were in talks with Barry. Fry and Posh chairman for CMS, but part the way in they moved the goalposts suddenly wanting more money, as we were going to be a premiership side.

There is nothing there that could be termed as a thought. it is well known now.  I simply cannot see Hughton wanting Mackall Smith a player who has a decent strike rate, but never set foot in the Premiership, when Hughton has already suggested he wanted a premiership striker.

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