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Martinez. That's out of order

Another 3 points in the bag and the run continues,  we know it cannot go on forever so enjoy every dam second of it.  We did make a little hard work of putting Wigan to bed, but they deserve a little credit for having a go in the second half, although I don't agree with Martinez that they derserved something out of the game.

There is a saying you only get out what you put in, I know that doesn't always fit into football, but this time I believe it does, they were really never at the races for the first half and have to thank Al-Habsi for keeping the scoreline respectable.  I know they have a load of injuries, but they have been in the premier league longer than us and know the score, they have access to the same sized squad as everyone else.

Nor do I agree with Martinez's vindictive comments, saying that City targeted James McCarthy, is way out of order, the ref was close to offence and acted as he saw fit in booking Johnson.   He talks about targeting players, how about Holt, Snodgrass, Pilkington and Hoolahan, who were chopped down man handled all game, Lee Probert didn't see fit to award anything.  He went from bad to worse as the game woreon, booking Pilkington for diving, yet replay's show the foul by the defender in the area.   

So Mr Martinez, just look at the whole picture before spouting your mouth off, I  and a lot of City fans have a lot of admiration for you and your dedication to playing the proper way,  but clearly you have an eyesight problem, plus have a liking for sour grapes.

Your side was poor for well over three quaters of the game, and your keeper is the only one who single handedly kept a respectable scoreline.  Get on with it that's football.  But perhaps you have to deflect away from such a poor effort.

Brilliant to have Wes on a new contract he is starting to reap rewards that his play has deserved, he does like scoring against Wigan 3 in  3 games now...

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