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Maybe the time has come

I have never been an ardent supporter of Chris Hughton as our manager,  but sometimes reluctanly prepared to give the man some time to get his ideals across and onto the pitch. But I now feel we are on a crash course with struggle again, this after raising the hopes and dreams of the City following during the summer months. Given the largest ever transfer budget in the clubs history, Hughton appeared to spend very well and wisely too.  

But all the anticipation, hope and exitement that was built up is disappearing faster than a flush in one of the Carrow Road toilets, to be replaced with again worry, fear and more than a fair share of told you so's from those what have been termed  Hughton Outer's.

A friend of mine, one who was always willing to support the management team, has been looking at the stats since the 10 game unbeaten run last year.  Surprisingly it is nearly a seasons worth of games.

Competitive Games played: 35  (incl. 4 league cup games, 1 FA Cup game)
Wins: 8
Draws: 9
Losses 16
Goals Scored.44
Goals Against. 61

If  we were to take that as a season of games,  we would be sitting on 33 points with just 3 games left to play. Scary stuff. Championship football would be next on the agenda.

We are nestled in the relegation zone, having  won just one of the last six games in the Premier League, that coming in  a 1-0 away victory over fellow strugglers Stoke  at the Britannia Stadium.

The only other win this season came in a 1-0 home display against the impressive Southampton.  In the nine league games, we have only on one occasion scored more than one solitary goal,(Opening game of the season) whilst they have conceded a depressing thirteen, far outweighing the six goals we have scored.

Why an increasing number of City followers are laying the blame squarely at Hughton's door is quite clear to see, A system aimed at defensive efficiency and clinical play in front of goal,  his tactics have spectacularly failed to provide at either end of the team. 

I am sure the Board never thought that they would be faced with such an early crossroads if they saw one at all. They can now  chose to maintain faith in Hughton & Co to turn this around,  or can opt to find another manager to reinvigorate the ambition and optimism.  

I have heard many supporters suggest giving Hughton more time, until Christmas,  I fear Christmas is far too long; this saturday;s game is the 10th one of the season,  that number has become a sort of magical figure when discussing manager's furtures. 

Is 10 games enough to judge ?    I simply don't know,  that is the reason why we went back to the end of that 10 game run.  Looking at the facts of that and only that:   Hughton's record is very ,very poor,  in many cases he would be certain of  being unemployed before now.

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