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Monday Morning and still Buzzing

Monday morning is here and I still feel like I am floating in some football dream world, to help me keep floating,  I read around the net.  You can be forgiven for thinking that City have all but ended Arsenal's league challenge and put a huge dent into everything else.   It is one game there is still over 3 times as many still to go for god's sake.

I am sure City season will not hinge on beating Arsenal, it will be what we do from now on in, and unless Arsenal play in another world the same applies to them.  While to say Arsenal had a poor day at the office,  takes everything City did away;  all over the park City were man for man better than their expensive opponents.  they wanted the points more than Arsenal did because they fought like hell to get them.

Many pundits say we fought for our premiership survival, but  in my view that's too early to make such statements,  it is because of these experts that many believe we are relegation fodder,  3 heavy defeats for sure didn't help.  We were expected to beat QPR and West Ham, just as Arsenal were expected to give us a tonking,  football doesn't always go to plan I am glad to say,  if it did us and several other teams may as well pack up now and leave it all to the big boys. 

It is clear that some of these so called super stars of the English game, need to take a reality check very so often and not take things so much for granted.  You still have to work to get the rewards.

Football still throws up shocks and surprises, that's why it is the greatest game.

I don't wish to single anyone out for praise from Saturday''s excellent display, there were top draw stuff from everyone; Turner has done his and supporters confidence the power of good, Holt is back.  Bassong again another commanding effort, Johnson was everywhere getting stuck in, Martin and Garrido excellent again ably supported by the impressive bennett and Pilkington.

But one player stood out for me, perhaps because I was going out of my way to watch him,  Tettey  was surperb, it is hard to believe that he has only being playing in this Country for a couple of months.  

Without being unkind,  his signing wasn't perhaps what many City fans wanted,  it was a case of Tettey... WHO.   But I am convinced if he can stay injury free, a hell of a lot more people outside of Norfolk will know his name, we may even have a bit of a job to hold on to him come the end of the season.

I can remember writing just after the Fulham no show,  why can't City find a little gem tucked away somewhere, that can simply step into the team and make a massive difference, two players were on my mind at that time,  Diarra who had just pulled us apart and like Dembele who they had just sold.  

Well  I do believe we have signed that player !   Not since the days of Damian Francis have we had a box to box midfielder quite like Tettey, he ticks every box for me and that is said with no disrespects to any current squad member.  He has already shown that he is far more than a defensive midfielder, he loves to get forward and isn't afraid to have a shot, as we have seen already.

The lift and momentum saturday's display has given the team, it has got to be carried on starting with the Villa match, already the game has a little extra needle to it.  We must now prove that saturday wasn't a flash in the pan so that it becomes the sole highlight of the season;  it has the right to be just one of them.  

Resorting to the old bad habits and mistakes, will make Saturday' s result  more or less meaningless, instead of the springboard for the rest of the season it richly deserves.


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