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More Distractions For Our Relegation Rivals

It seems to be the case that both our relegation rivals in the North East are set on making sure they have plenty to distract themselves from the relegation fight, hot on the heels of all the shenanigans at Sunderland which has caused Chief Executive to resign today is the rumours surrounding Newcastle which seem to be intensifying.

Rumours first emerged at the weekend after their latest poor result thhat Newcastle were thinking of sacking McClaren and replacing him with another big money manager in David Moyes whose record since leaving Everton has been pretty poor.

As the week has gone on, neither party has done anything to dispel the rumours and if anything they seem to be intensifying, I guess time will tell if it is a good thing for them or not.

As we saw two years ago, a new manager late in the season is not guaranteed to do anything to improve results.


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