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Morning After a Bad Night Again

It is becoming a habit that we cannot seem to break, these mornings I mean, I feel like I have woken up after being drunk as a skunk and had a bad nightmare.

Just when is this going to stop,   I am afraid not until some changes are made.  People say (myself included) that it is too late in the day to change manager.  I said that only last night, but this morning I feel totally different.

Chris Hughton & Co, have had their time, it has not been particually good from the start, apart from a little 10 game run and the odd flash here and there, that is out of 60 odd games.  Scoring has been a terrible problem, since day one, Grant Holt took a lot of undeserved flak last season as everybody pointed to his megre total,  yet after spending £13-£14 million on said striker's position we are no better off what so ever.   Doesn't that speak for itself ?

Defending,  Hughton said last season he needed the defense tighening up, he brought in Turner, Garrdio, Whittaker and Bassong,  this season Olsson and Yobo have joined , yet we have still conceeded awful amount of goals,  4th highest in the league, couple that to the fact we not scoring, I say we are far worse off.

The quaility of the squad has improved with the additions, there is no getting away from that, but Hughton may know a good player but seemingly that is where it all ends, he and his coaching staff DO NOT KNOW how to get them working to their highest:  It is like giving me a dead Jet engine, saying take it apart and put it back together.  Hoping it works.

So looking at these facts, overlooking the boring, sometime negative tatics, I would say Hughton has been far more time than he deserves, he is not going to do it now , he has had 60 odd, league game plus the ones in the cup  and here we are out of pocket in regards to value and looking down the throat of relegation. 

How can that ever be termed as doing well..... I really do not know.

Change now, give someone a chance, how the hell can we be worse off from what has already happened,  people say who to replace him with,  to be honest I think right now I would take Warnock until the end of the season, ( probably not really)   I wouldn't mind giving Neil Adams a shot, with Huckerby along side and Dave Stringer on hand to guide and encourage.  I would also take Mike Phelan, it will be a more difficult job to find somebody to take over a relegated side, I doubt Neil Lennon would give it anymore than a silly thought.

Nothing else really matters this season other than staying up, buy some time to plan and see who is available to take over the reigns, if the above do it and keep us up, they would surely have a good case to put forward.  Swansea have done just that,  arguably Laudrup has been 99.9% more successful than Hughton.

Honestly can it be any Bloody worse. 



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