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We have posted on here before about Luciano Becchio and his invisibility in Hughton's eyes.  I think the way the way guy has been treated is disgusting and that from ex players too really raises even more question marks in my mind.

People were up in arms when Glenn Rodent treated Simon Lappin in a less than a professional manner, I feel that Hughton and Co are not that far short of treating Becchio in that manner.  He bought the guy here and has hardly used him and if that isn't bad enough he denies him the chance to play for other clubs on loan.

Is it a personal thing,  well Becchio answers that in an article on The Mirror,

Becchio said: “I’m surprised and frustrated at what’s happened to me.

“It’s not as if there’s been a problem between me and the manager. We’ve had no arguments, no confrontations. It’s just normal and I’ve carried on working hard in training, scoring goals."     The guy is senisble enough to know his chances would be limited with the new signing's Hughton purchased, but these guys have not really delivered the goods at all, and a player who has a very good goal record , is more often than not left sitting in the stands. He could be or do no worse

Is it any wonder he is mystified as are many, many City fans but his treatment and continuing omission.

Play the man or let him go on loan.. I would prefer to see what he can do


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