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No Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sorry to be negative especially after yet another dire collapse ,but can anyone see a glimmer of light at the moment?  As I am struggling to see anything at all.  I have voiced my opinions many times through this media, nothing special in that as others do it, but anyone who has read these pages know; I have not been a fan of the Hughton Camp from day one. 
I am not saying this as an "I told You So" type of post.   I have tried with myself to muster some belief in this regime but have always had that squashed by a showing like yesterday, which has for me become a hallmark of Hughton's reign. 

But I have had more than enough of this, but just what the poor souls who follow this team all over the country, must be feeling; I can only imagine.  But  we have become a laughing stock, yesterday playing against a team who could not score a goal at home for love or money, over 300 minutes of firing blanks, that is until Team Hughton come to town , they then score 4 in 15 minutes.  Then show nothing in the way of attacking intent in the second half, if that wasn't enough, he plays a target man on the wing a player who hasn't scored one single league goal this season.

I know many people connected with the game struggled to see the reasoning behind the changes, along with the fact that there was hardly any intent to get back into the game.   It was like the players were told to defend a 3 goal deficit , not letting it get any worse, what the hell was wrong with having a go, what was there to be lost ?  

I started off by saying I could not see a light,  there must be one there somewhere but, misfiring strikers,defenders who can't defend, Midfielders who cannot keep the ball,  no leadership on and off the pitch and tactical naivity: all get in the way.

Can anyone explain the logic in keeping the manager until the summer ?   It assumes Chris Hughton & Co  will keep us up, but anyone who is in the real world must question this. NOW.

Surely we need to make the change now, we are stuck with the players we've got until the end of the season, nothing can be changed in adding, but thre are players in the squad who are continually being overlooked and treated unfairly, by this nice man.  Times are becoming desperate surely these players can do no worse than those a head of them. 

But Hughton and his team of failing coaches have their ideals of how the game should be played, yet it is bloody crystal clear it DOES NOT WORK  but they are far too rigid to change, have no other plans up their sleeves or have the gonads to admit they have got it wrong.

What we need is someone to motivate, them to get them playing with some passion, desire and to the best of their ability, things this regime have failed badly to do.

.If a new manager fails to keep us up,  at least we would go down fighting,  and not as we are, weak, drifting without a rudder,  hiding behind a defensive curtain.  He will also have a head start in making plans for next season and seeing who needs to go and who he needs to bring in.

We are going backwards alarmingly at the moment and need a brake applied and then some forward impetus.

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