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Norwegian Midfielder Gets Tour of Club.

We have been to Austria, now we head to Norway for our next report, according to Norwegian site  " Alexander Tettey a Norwegian defensive midfielder has been in Norwich to have a look round; Tettey currently plays for Rennes in France.

The report quotes the players agent as saying:

We have been in Norwich today and checked the conditions. It's not signed any contract, but it can happen, says Tettey advisor Kvarme.

the article goes onto say.

Tettey, who came to Rennes in summer 2009, has struggled with playing time and sat on the bench in the first two league games.  (On) Wednesday he told ""  that  (he) stood between the two clubs, and on Thursday he thus to England to see if Chris Hughton is the right club for the further his career.

- As we have said before, it is important that it is the right club for Alex  so he can thrive at IOG off the court says Kvarme.

- When he decides?

- It will happen soon, but he has to find out which club suits him. It could be Norwich, but as I said nothing signed with anyone, he said.

It also states that Turkish club Kasimpasa are thought to be interested, the translation is a little harder to understand, but we believe it says Rennes have agreed to the amount of an offer from City.

"Turkish club Kasimpasa into account Tettey does. For his part, Rennes bid Norwich ga okay."

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