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Norwich Captain Ivo Pinto Set For Surgery In International Break

The Portuguese defender who has been leading the team out this season has sported a white face mask at Bolton to protect his broken nose, suffered in the midweek home defeat to Championship leaders Wolves.

And the mask is set to return when City step out next, for Barnsley’s visit on Saturday, November 18.

“It’s very sore – I can feel my heart pumping,” admitted Pinto. “I just broke my nose in the last game, but I felt it was best to play. It was broken so maybe that didn’t make a lot of sense, but the mask protected me a little bit and I will need a new one because I need surgery on it – and I’ll need a new mask to keep playing.

“I don’t want to lose any games. I want to help the team and to give something to these supporters that here again, they came in their large numbers and they are very important for us.

“I was always going to play. I’d say even with a broken leg, I will play. I want to help the team in as many games as I can.

“Unfortunately I’ve had to miss a few games before and it was not very good for me. I was very sad. So every time I can play, even with a pain or something, I will play to help the team.

“The surgery will be next week, but I will play the next game.”

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