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Norwich City not right for Snodgrass - O Yea who says

In an article on the Yorkshire Evening Post page, which says that Norwich would be too big of a risk for Robert Snodgrass to move to.   (

The writer states as his reason, that we are going to struggle, he says

"The coming season will be a hard one for them and they’ll do well to survive. Snodgrass needs Premier League football but he needs it long-term, not just for one year."

He seems almost certain that our days in the premiership will come to an end when the season does,  he fails to even mention, we along with Swansea were red hot favourites for relegation last season.  But both clubs finsihed higher than several more established premiership teams.  The ones he thinks will offer Snodgrass a better option than City, but as Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves all proved last season that being in the premier longer than some is no guarantee of survival.

I think I can safely say that unless you are one the top 6 or 7 teams you are not guaranteed anything in the league,.

If Snodgrass was to join City, would that improve our options there by improving our chances.


While here a quick thanks to Eatsleepsport, for taking a story we sourced ourselves, rehashed it and could not be arsed to give credit to the original despite making the claim  "EatSleepSport is an original and vibrant source for sports news and information."


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