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Not a Football Post ..Please Read

Not a post about our club, but something more serious,  the way this government has gone about implimenting their welfare reforms are nothing short of digusting.

The most weakest and vunerable in this Country are being hammered with cuts that will make many homeless and even more into povety, while the Tory's continue to put more money in the pockets of the very rich.


Now Ian Duncan Smith reckons he could live on £53 per week, well I would like to see that.  my weeky outgoing is £20 electricity, £20 Oil for heating.  £6 per week for phone/internet  On his claim I would have £7 left to feed myself.  it cannot be done.  So we are asking him o try to back up what he says, not for a week or two but a year.

Please sign and pass the details on


Remember this is the man who is paid £225 per day, not so long ago he spent £39 on a breakfast but then claimed that back on his expenses.


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