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Not long until we open the window

Yep, not long now until the January transfer window reopens, and I have to say as a club I think it will be a quiet one

It's a long while since I can remember an approach to a transfer window so quiet, only a couple of rumours on the outbound with Ruddy being linked to a number of clubs although seemingly little of substance, that being said if the quoted fee of £8m + add ons is right i'd be a happy chappy

We also have a few rumours of Redmond going places, but again nothing concrete, and it was nice to see in the summer we held our nerve and refused to sell one of our prized assets

To date with only 3.5 days to go I've seen little in the way of sensible gossip on new signings, if the club are to be believed we have money available, but is this lack of rumour driven by the fact that the team are doing quite well and there are no major week spots in the line up for the last week or so?

I'm sure if the last two games had yielded an 11-1 loss instead of victory rumours would be aplenty, but for now their not and i'm quite happy to sit back and see things unfold.

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