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Not Sure How I feel

I don't know how to feel, after yesterday's game;  I am pleased we didn't concede, pleased we didn't lose and pleased we didn't get a booking.  (that's no bookings so far) or Disappointed at not scoring and losing two points.  


  I thought we did more than enough to have won that by a clear margin.  It seems as if we are struggling in front of goal,  true Jaaskelainen was in good form he saved at least 3 goal bound efforts, but there were several other chances we should have buried, especially Kane's two efforts. 

All over the the City side it would be hard and unfair to pick anyone as having a bad game.

The back 4 are becoming a terrific unit from what we did have.    Martin his usual consistent self, Barnett and Bassong just get better together and Garrido is class.

     I did feel we didn't have any creativity in midfield, Howson and Johnson are without doubt the engine room, they cover some miles, Snoddy took a while to get going but comparing him to his previous outings that was a little down. Surman had a excellent first half but faded badly in the second,  at times he looks to be not fast enough and is sometimes weak in tackles.  

  Jackson perhaps the pick,  they found him hard to handle, he had a couple of very good efforts one forced a good save.  Holt  well he certainly hasn't found his gears yet, not very effective but still puts in a far amount of work off the ball.

  There was a little spell of 10 or so seconds, where we simply peppered their goal  Snodgrass, Bassong, Holt and Surman all fired good goal bound efforts. The keeper saved two of the four efforts with the other two blocked; as they struggled to clear, the ball kept being pinged across and goal wards. How they got out of that without us scoring I still wonder

I still have seen the penalty incidents, but from the other end of the ground they looked good calls, Hughton has since said the ref got it right, so fair enough.

  Hughton got a round of Boo's when he shockingly took off Jackson who was the best chance of a goal we had and put on Morison, then later took Holt off for Kane, in truth a lot of us thought Surman should have gone and Hoolahan on,  to fit in the hole behind the front two,   Surman, who was by then was tiring.

I don't care if Kane is only 19, he should really have buried the chance he had, he was more or less clean through after some good work, but instead of putting his foot through it he tried to place it; at the perfect height for the keeper.  then later he tried to curl inside the post but went wide.  But he is a prospect, wish he was from our academy then he wouldn't have to go back.  

But West Ham, had their chances however, but not so many that you could honestly say really troubled Ruddy.   a typical Big Sam side, huge, full of muscle, hard sometimes bordering on crude and  brutal plus the ball picked up plenty of Air Miles.

I would imagine some supporters are getting a little concerned we have not won and are not scoring regually  but a quick look back to last season where after 4 matches we had drawn two and lost two. given away 4 penalties and only scored 3 goals. 

Instead of having two points as last season we have three,  and had been beaten (Wba) and drawn(Stoke) at home.  So we things may not look as bad as some fear,  like Hughton I would be a heck of a lot more concerned if chances were not being created and we were playing poorly.

It isn't worth paying that much attention to the experts (cough)  they have us relegated no matter what we do.



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