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Not the Answer

He may have been a favourite in his playing days, he was one of mine, he may have had some success in his managerial career so far,  He may be a lot of City fans favourite, but he really isn't the answer  or the manager we need.  

A writer on the DailyMail has said that Mackay is poised ready to take over from Chris Hughton,after being sounded out earlier .

The situation City finds themselves in, a relegation fight, calls for a more experienced head not someone who has a just under a half of season in the Premier League,  yes I am sure Malky would be very popular with the Carrow Road  Crowd,  some members of the board know him well ; all that stacks in his favour.   But that big question mark remains is he experienced enough to take on the fight and get City through it to safety and onwards.  

I personally don't think he is, Why swop like for like ?

Yes he got Cardiff promoted no mean feat, but playing football in the championship and the Premier League are as different as chalk and cheese,  one or two Welsh football commentators have remarked that he is sometimes short of tatical know how with the term "Parking a Bus"  mentioned.
I am sure that the Board saw this first hand recently at Carrow Road, when ex keeper Marshall had the game of his life (why does that happen to us)  
Then we come to the very public spat with Cardiff's owner Vincent Tan, now what exactly was said we do not know,  but Tan was not too shy to mae mention of Malky's over spending and not by a small amount either, again our Welsh pundits have said that not all of the money was spent very wisely.

As I said I don't believe Malky is quite there yet as the manager City need, he really isn't any better than what we have  already,     Hughton is tactically short of ideas, he may not quite Park the Bus, but the end result isn't really much better, to me the only thing in Hughton's favour is spending he appears to be more careful with the club's money.

If the CEO and Board are in the mind to replace the currant set up, then they need to look for somebody with more experience of management who has served his time and knows how to think and act on his feet plus have something in reserve if plan A isn't working.

Roberto Di Matteo  is available

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