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So Mr Van Wolfwinkel  has taken a swipe at City in another article, what he says is a tad unfair;

He said:

""I did not like my last year in England but I do not think it has slowed my career," said the 25-year-old.

"I was hurt by it. I could not show all my qualities or play every week, plus the team did not practice good football."

Lets be honest Ricky, you were injured for a long while and when you did get back into the team you hardly set the world alight did you.  I agree we did not play good football at all, but in the you had chances to increase you diabolical total of one goal. 

To criticise the club is unfair, a club plays the way a manager/coach wants our manager at the time was not displaying anything that resembled good flowing football.  So to take a pop at the club that put money in your pocket and still owns the playing contract is a bit out of order.

I can understand that you or your agent are trying to say the right things to get a contract out of St Etienne,  but they are not too keen at present to make any comments prefering to wait until the end of the season. Perhaps your record so far in front of goal isn't enough to earn a contract,   2 in a dozen games isn't eye catching is it,  Don't burn all your bridges

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