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Now or Not At All. ...Stop Twiddling Your Collective Thumbs

I have the night to ponder over the plight, as much as I like Neil Adams as a person and dam nice chap, much like our last
manager, (good old little Narridge a really nice well run small town, family club)  

Yep as a side note I believe the mentality is back and growing in the corridors of power at Carra Rud.

Right back to whatever my rambling is going to turn into,   Neil may have all the badges etc (I had one once) lead a youth team to Cup success  however that is only a game at a time,  not Tuesday,saturday,Tuesday, against guys who have been doing it a lot longer.

Any manager is a gamble, but this one was even greater because of the lack of experience,  now no buggar on earth can get me to believe that there was not a suitable manager in all of Europe, while a couple of other clubs managed to find one.
This does have the look of  an ambitionless cheap scale appointment, also one which elevates a CEO to having a far too big of influence into the footballing side of things.  Our CEO is a clever, astute business man, just because he has worked inside of football, does'nt suddenly make him quailified to have this level of input.
He has done a tremendous job with the clubs finances getting rid of debt, but lets not forget the fans of this club have played their part by continuing to shell out on one of the highest prices in the Championship, I do believe many ordinary fans could have worked that one out.  Loyatly+Prices= more money.

Why were certain managers not employed, Lennon, MacKay and whoever else was available and who applied for the post.  Why because of the input from the Committee and CEO  .. they are not free to manage, they weren't turned down, they did the turning down.

Unless someone on the Board has the gonads to see what the problems really are, be prepared to face a long hard struggle this season and back to being a larger fish in the championship pool.   It does take a lot believing on my part to see any different that is wanted from the Board Room, we have had a little jaunt with the big boys, it has cleared the debt.... so why do we need to go back for a few years.

Next season if we don't make promotion this season, we  will see players sold off to the balance the books and the growing list of young good players will be given to the squad. With a couple of old heads of journey men, to steady the ship.

How many managers with a little experience would have agreed to not having the usual amount of freedom in the role ?   Only somebody who was a  fan of the club, and who has remained loyal despite bad treatment from a previous manager.

Why was a long term contract given to a rookie ?  Why not have given a shorter term, with proviso for revision at different stages of the season..

The same mistake being made again, Peter Grant undoubtedly had more experience than Neil Adams working under different managers, but  even he found the job above him, he had the bravery to recognise this and step down; and not carry on in mis-guided self belief.

I am sorry that Adams has not made a real go of it, I am sure many of wanted him too despite the fears his appointment raised. But it becoming clear as each game passes us by, he needs some help alongside him. Or even being demoted to a number two,  working alongside an older head.
If this is not done sooner rather than later we face a season of under-performence, division once again amongst the fans  and back to being content to stay in the championship.

Plus the committee being forgot about and those who have not been involved in the playing and managerial side of things to go back to their proper jobs which they have done very well in.

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