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OK Neil .. Honestly Do you Think You Can ?

I have only ever three times been eager to see a manager changed. that is since the early 1960's   they were Nigel Worthington, Glenn Rodent and Chris Hughton the later two I never wanted in the hotseat to start with. Bryan Gunn should never have been given the job in the first place, I am now at the same point in thinking the same with Neil Adams.

I do admire the passion of Neil Adams, he is a club man through and through, no one can doubt his loyalty and love for this club, he has stood true when treated badly by a previous man who claimed to be a manager with vastly more experience.  But despite all these admiral qualities you do possess: however I do fear that getting this team firing on all cylinders again is beyond you and your quailities.

Worthington evetnually failed, Grant failed, Rodent Failed, Gunn Failed, and Hughton failed,  what on earth makes you honestly feel you can succeed where these others failed amid the much the same hosility and frustrations as witnessed on Saturday. Only Peter Grant did anywhere near the right thing and walk, the rest held on and on until they were pushed, with a nice handshake presumbly.

I know it is hard to admit that a job is just simply too much for us as individuals, I would imagine many of us have faced this in our given careers, but out of respect have refused to carry on or take the job.

You love this club that goes without saying, many of those shouting for your head will agree to that fact, Neil, walk away it is no disgrace what so ever, many more experienced men have found the hot seat simply too hot to stay in; it can soon become a posion chalice very quickly ...just ask your predecessors.

Don't struggle on blindly and lose any more fondness and respect you have achieved here over the many years since you first pulled on the shirt.   You Love & Loyalty for and to the club, were used as what many see a cheap option the honour and pride of leading the team you love must have been awesome...but don't let that destroy you and your career.


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