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Olsson's Costly Actions

Martin Olsson's  rash few seconds could cost him and the club.  should he found guilty of "Improper Conduct" he could pay a hefty fine aolng with suspension, whether the club will be fined also is to be found out ;  but they will be without their first choice full back for however long THE FA decide.

It was as the 26-year-old started to make his way off the pitch at Molineux that the alleged transgression took place.

A statement on the FA’s website said: ‘’It is alleged that Olsson’s action in making physical contact with the referee immediately prior to being shown a red card and for his behaviour as he left the field of play amounted to improper conduct, which occurred outside the jurisdiction of the match officials. Olsson has until 6pm on 14 August 2014 to respond to the charge.

Seems strange that the Ref or any of the officials made mention of this to anyone from the City camp, perhaps he thought nothing of it, we all know TV camera's watch every single thing while their so called pundits make great  mountains out of a small molehills.

Perhaps we have another case of guilty by camera


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