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On The Edge

In a small article Harry, is forecasting a 37 point safety mark, he said if he was offered that now he would take it.   He needs his team to claw 20 points from their remaining games.   they have taken 26 games to get 17 points, they have 12 games to get the 20.

We sit on 29 points  needing another 11pts to get to the 40 mark, or another 9 to get past Harry's 37 total, there are a possible 36 points left,  are we capable to take what we need from that.

A look at our last few games,  that required amount has a slightly more difficult look to it, as a black hole is intent on  clawing us downwards.   It wasn't long ago that we were Europe's second-hottest team behind Barcelona, lifting ourselves out of any talk about relegation, but now we are right back in the discussion, with our odds almost falling daily.  

Only two games away from falling into the fight,  I agree the gap wasn't that much bigger a while ago, but then those at the bottom were struggling like hell;  now they have improved significantly while we have gone the opposite, for us to lose two games and for them to win two is not outside the bounds of possibility at all. 

We are sitting on a very uncomfortable edge, balanced, where just a small swing in the wrong direction will see us fall.

It is all well and good for Hughton to set his mind on  "Not Losing a Game"   instead of trying to" win it;"  which to me isn't  the right brand of fighting talk,  to rally the troops in this fight.  At times during games recently the players have looked half scared to progress forward,  preferring to ping the ball backwards and sideways; anything instead of forwards.

It goes without saying really that there are games we are more than likely going to lose out of that remaining 12;  Which will only serves to add more pressure on the ones which are felt we can win.   Extra pressure isn't needed to be honest, this generates more than enough of it own.

 Many years ago, us now old Barclay Boys  had a very simple chant we belted out :  Attack, Attack, -- Attack-Attack- Attack, (repeat and repeat)   I cannot express or write the tune we used, but I think you get the idea,  it certainly would not hurt to hear that ringing out again from the Barclay End.

Not the best recording but gives the idea....Click To Hear...Watch Your Speakers

I do believe it is time not only for the players to be brave, the manager and his coaches need to take the lead, break the shackles;  also helping his players by building their confidence rather than worrying about and bigging up the opposition.

.If not then we could be paying for some very expensive Championship football

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