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Own Up

Come on Own up, how many of you got up this morning either tuned into the radio or checked the net to see if Hughton had been given his marching orders ?    I did

Also how many of us have been checking through the day to see if the axe has fallen ?   I have and probably will continue to do so.

Many say Hughton is the best man for the job, that he can turn this pantomime around, If he is the best then heaven help Bristish Football,   I may have believed that a little last season,  but now it is simply utter BS, and that pile  gets bigger as Team Hughton's record  gets worse as the weeks tick by. 

Hughton's  away record makes such depressing reading;  Played 26 - Won 3 - Drawn 7 - Lost 16.  ( I wouldn't depress anyone further with the goal difference from these)  Those alone would have got managers sacked at many clubs.

I thought at one time our board had grown some teeth and would not put up with  dismal shows any more. Was  Bryan Gunn afforded such patience ? Was Nigel Worthington, Peter Grant or Glenn Roeder ?   Hardly

How much more have the supporters got to put up with strange selections, Sucidal tactics away from home, pointless subsitutions and serious morale destroying defeats.  We limp from a minor high point to a massive destroying low one. 

This isn't anything new by any means it is fast becoming a hallmark of the Chris Hughton era as is his catchphrase : "We Are Looking for a Response"

I have said before that I have lost count of the times he has come out after such a defeat and used his catchphrase, just to stump me  today he has changed the word to "Reaction"  but doesn't it amount to the same thing.

  I am sick and tired of hearing the well worn out patter, the excuses, the reasons, how good the opposition is or what a nice man he is.

I know some will say;  You want Hughton out, then who would you get as a replacement ?   To me that has become a pathetic question to keep dragging up in defence of this manager.   How on earth do we know who is available or even who is on any list, or even if there is a list.   That is what we trust the CEO & The Board for.  

All I know is that what we are witnessing is nowhere near good enough,  if it is allowed to continue much longer,  I fear for the safety of even managing to stay in this league.  We all know how hard it will be to get back,  if  you don't know ask Blackburn, Bolton, Wolves and some of the more recent teams to have fallen through the trap door.  

We now are left to limp on to another away game, The Hawthorns, a place where a once proud run was ended,  a place where I once would have said we stand a good chance of getting something.  But honestly now I cannot see anything more than another 3 points floating away.  

But however I will be praying to the god of football, that something more positive starts this time round at the Hawthorns



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