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Phelan a Giant Step Forward

While everyone is rightly congratulating the club on Mike Phelan's appointment and rightly so, we should be excited by this as Phelan's experience and insight should stand neil Adams and his team in very good stead.

My only concern is how much input Phelan will be allowed to have into the team both during a game and in training.  As has been reported elsewhere, there were seen and heard many heated exchanges between Adams and Robson in the home dugout.   Clearly Phelan has many more years experience along a better CV than any of our coaches and manager I would hope that will not be overlooked or ignored when things are not working on the pitch.   He has been brought in to help, assist and coach this must surely allow for his own ideas to put forward, and not overlooked simply because it goes against the manager. 

I hope neil Adams will allow all his coaches have an input when his plans are not getting the results.I am not advocating that Adams simply becomes a mouthpiece but will use what he has at his disposal very,very wisely. Mike Phelan's appointment could and should be a giant step foward for Norwich City Football Club also for Neil Adams.

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