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Phelan Leaves

Just when you relax and think things are settling down, bang!, up pops another surprise,  or was this one a surpise ?

I expected Mike Phelan to leave at some point,  with Frankie McAvoy soon set to start his journey southwards, to me there never looked like there was going to be room for all,  Neil, Phelan, Holt and McAvoy, the dug out would have had to be extended. 

Whether Phelan thought he was in with a shout of the Gaffer's seat when Neil Adams walked, I am unsure, but he has never made a secret that he wanted to try his arm at being a manager.  For some reason there isn't a club who has taken that option and given him the reigns, even a club where he was well thought of, played for, but more importantly, was already in the building.

Not being privvy to knowledge of the professional gossip inside the world of football, it does strike me strange that Phelan has not been given the top job at any club given his years and years of experience standing beside probably the greatest manager these isles have produced.

There is much talk about Phelan joining up with ex team mate, City and Utd player Steve Bruce at Hull, this makes a lot of sense to me.  Bruce is struggling a little this season having an experienced head alongside him maybe just what he needs.  Why else would Phelan request to leave City so quickly and forget his contract ?

Where ever he ends up I wish him well  and hopes he can find that spot where he fits

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