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Players Are to Blame as Well

I have laid bame at the door of Neil Adams, the Boardroom door and in some apects the players, it is those who I feel have not only let themselves down, leading many fans think they are journeymen  and ex premiership no hope strugglers.

Simon Grayson summed up his players after saturday's game, it should be noted he had made 5-6 changes himself to a League One team a league below and in places two leagues from what some of the City team had played.   Yet his players played with passion and determionation for the SHIRT.  something our sorry bunch did not do or even look like doing.

The players are as guilty if you like as what Neil Adams is viewed, I do not blame him for walking when his players spout crap about being behind him, have a good spirit in the dressing room , yet again this own failings are clear to see.  Some of these players have been in the game long enough and trained enough to cut out many of the mistakes we saw, which were more akin to a sunday league game on Eaton Park.

Neil Adams has taken the brunt of the blame,  having  decided or helped to decide enough was enough he walks, yet this bunch remain to continue picking up their fat wages, a lot of which they have nowhere near earned.  A lot has been said about a manager motivating his players and getting them playing.  While this is true it is also true the players should need little lifting before a game,  the carrot was always dangling  The Premier League,  Plus their own self respect as a professional footballer.

If a few of them had, had the passion and respect for the club and the shirt they are wearing, would have given a hell of a lot more than they have done.

I must say I am disgusted with their attitude towards their ex manager, their employers and the many thousands of fans who spend a freaking fortune on watching them go through the motions.

But I am stuck with them here, we cannot make wholesale changes, if we could I would expect there to be many packing their bags now

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