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What can be said that hasn't been said over the last 8 or 9 games. we finally have reached a new low, a goal keeper who looks as close to being an International keeper  as my granny does.    It was in truth a reasonable showing until the second goal went in,  we moved the ball quicker, used the width  all what was missing was a second goal or even a third.  But the problems at the back continue to ruin any best laid plans.

A young 19 year old rookie gets the better of experienced players, once should have been more than enough, but to allow him a free header in acres of space is darn right criminal, no disgusting.   Only Ignasi Miquel has not been tried alongside Turner and nothing has worked, it is starting to make me think  that a totally different pairing should be tried, Turner is an ever present, what is there left to try.

Ruddy is a shadow of the keeper he was, I can lay both goals down to him but that would be too easy other were at fault too, but his fumble which almost lead to a third summed up the confidence must be at a low point. 

I honestly sat back at half timethinking we would see the kitchen sink flying down the pitch at them. but that stayed firmly in place, as not even a feather duster was waved.  no leadership, no passion no committment  in a dismal and disgusting showing second half, not one freaking shot of note.  

I am not a fan of changing manager willy nilly, but questions are being asked and not being answered,  I don't think a change of coach is going to be  quite enough,  I know I am not privy to watching the behind the scenes goings on, but Neil Adams body language in the video interview hardly inspired me with confidence of a  harmonious relationship.

City were not played off the park, were not out classed,  other teams do not need to really go through the gears, City will do the job for them by shooting themselves in both feet, and poking their own eyes out.

I posted this following remark on this site's forum 5 days ago "Reading are without a win in 7 away games.  we know full well they will be OK here on saturday"

We go to Wigan next week, they sit one from bottom with less than a point a game, having won only 3 games, I would not bet against them making it 4 wins come 5pm next Saturday, such is the confidence at the moment



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