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Pundits criticise City Action What do they really know

I must laugh at all the pundits who are  questioning City in sacking Hughton, not one of them has paid a penny to watch a game.  Nor have they put up with the crap City fans have had to,  instead being fooled by last season's position into thinking Hughton was a success.  That could not be further from the truth.  

Lineker who thinks it is Bonkers , Savage says it is a ridiculous decision. and Mirror chief football writer Martin Lipton says it is Panic.  I would be interested to see if one of them has set foot in a ground were Hughton has had his team ?   

Experts my A*****

Charlie Wyett: “People who criticise Norwich decision will have not paid to watch them this year/or fooled by 2013 league position. Mood in team also poor.”

It maybe panic, it may be that cannot see where the needed points are coming with Hughton in charge,  a change may just give a chance, it certainly isn't a knee jerk reaction.  Yesterday was abridge too far, there is no way Hughton could continue  the crowd had completely turned their backs on him for that there is no way back.

It wasn't as if Norwich City board had not given him time yet he still limped on not having any answers or tactical awareness to change anything. He may be a good all round nice chap  but premiership manager he was not. 

His sacking is long over due it should have been November in my eyes, forget January he should not have been allowed near a transfer kitty after the summer spending.

Whether Neil Adams can do the business I have no idea, but the man has Norwich City stamped through him, like a stick of Yarmouth rock, he seems to have a different mindset, his young chargers played with no fear comfortable with their own skills.  If we do go down I do believe we will go having seen a fight with some passion,  he has nothing much to lose and all to gain, nobody will hold him accountable.

Get behind the man,  he offers us the best chance we have

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