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Random Thoughts on The Old Farm Derby

Well the big day has come and gone with the Canary faithful more happy about the result andnthree huge points plus the bragging rights continue.

I did find myself choking when listening McCarthy claiming there was not much between the side, I will give him one small part of that bold statement,  they were level with each other at the kick off, and for me that is where it ended.  One side tried to get the ball down andd pass it around, one side used their midfield instead of those in blue standing and watching the ball fly over their heads.

McCarthy for me is a fossil in today's game, using a style of play very reminiscent of the Crazy Gang of Wimbledon from the 1980's the era that he himself played in.  The game has moved on from that time thankfully,  while a few managers are still stuck there.    Preferring to get the ball from back to front as quick as humanly possible, relying on a big centre forward to get his head on the ball or run through what ever gap he can find.   exciting stuff if you like that sort of thing, effective ...well Mccarthy has made it that way this season.

It would be unfair not to say he has done well in getting his team of freebies and low cost players into the top six,  now at the busineess end of the season it wil be a bigger fight to keep them there. 

On the day perhaps there wasn't a great gulf between the two side,  but the class shone out in the end , any football came from City, yea Ipswich had their moments but found John Ruddy more than comfortable in dealing with them,  Town can boast of having the League's leading scorer in Murphy, but Sunday he was comfortably controlled by Bassong and Martin, so much so he was ineffective and was taken off.   the man who shone for me in blue was Sears, for £100k he looks to be a bargain.

It was not a spectacle of football, these games seldom are,  what really mattered was the three points,  I thought that once we got one we would get at least another.  The difference between the goals is massive a rocket powered shot and a little perhaps lucky flick of a heel,  but they all count and full marks for Grabbon for doing what good strikers should do, follow up on a shot.   

I am sure that had the boot been on the other foot and it was Town having the chance that Johnson had, it may have been a different ending,   because any City player would have thrown his body in front of the ball, not back away and basically do nothing,   but perhaps there was nothing he could have done.    A perfect example came later  in the City area when two City players threw their bodies in front of the ball  from a town shot.

But still  I am surprised the nets did not need checking.

Mick Mills one time Town legend, made a thing about Grabban's  goal as being extremely lucky,  yep agreed Mick, but sometimes you make your own luck, besides being in there at the sharp end these things happen,  you can't tell me you played all those years without a slice or two from the Lady....I won't believe it.   smells more like sour grapes to me.

We move to within one point of the second spot with both top teams yet to visit Carrow Road, City are perfectly placed to strike, but the hard work and effort must not drop, nobody is going to stand back and invite us up there.

It is a shame we had such a bad patch just a few points more  out of that would make a massive difference, we took all the points from Watford, yet they had to be used in catch up and not to pull away,  Watford are still going very strong shown with a great victory at Leeds.  

While others slip, City, Watford and Wolves keep their momentum going it is heading to a very exciting rollercoaster finish



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