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Redmond Rumours, Comes as No Surprise

It comes as no surprise that old rumours rehashes and new articles are finding there way to the surface again linking premiership clubs, especially Southampton with Nathan Redmond.

Redmond has been catching the eye with his performences of late for City and topped the lot with a man of the match for England u21 during the week which included a hand in all the goals.  Then in an interview with the media he disclosed he had no intention of leaving City, ignoring all the talk while holding firm to his desire to stay here. He also said it would be the same for the up coming transfer window.  

Articles stating that Southampton will have to and are willing to pay £8 million for the winger, are surfacing and will no doubt will increase in amount and credibility as we draw closer to January 1st.  

While it is good news that Nathan wants to stay here for at least the rest of the season full credit to him, he always comes across as a very level headed young man, where the bright lights do not blind him or draws him in.  But just what will the club do if such an offer of £8 mill + plus does come in, will they accept the big money or stand firm and go with the players wish.

It will be a nerve jangling month long window,  I hope that come February 1st we can all stand in awe as Redmond terrifies another defence.

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