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Response To Adam Drury Post

In response to our article on Adam Drury,  we received an e-mail from an ardant Leeds Utd supporter and webmaster,  commenting on our views of the way some Leeds fans are viewing their signing of Adam.  

I didn't set out to offend at all.   We fully understand the frustrations of Leeds fans, it wasn't so long ago we were in much the same boat.   As we always say; it is the fans that always suffer, we wish Leeds supporters all the very best of luck in their fight for their club.. But can we have Snodgrass ..Please  hahaha

Here is the email we received in full.  


Hi just read your article on Adam Drury and in particular to the misinformed comments from Leeds fans. Unfortunately the situation with us Leeds fans at the moment is that we have a total mistrust of our owner a certain Mr Ken Bates.

As you more than most clubs are aware we have sold (or even worse  let leave) some of our brightest young talent – that we are now signing a 34 year old (as he will be when the season starts) freebie is seen by the majority of us long standing fans as a further indication of a lack of ambition. This is no way meant as  a slight on Adam and indeed everything I have read about him is positive (as it is with Paul Green) but what we are looking for is a real statement of intent. For the club to go out and pay a fee for a player who is really going to make a difference like you did with Grant Holt.

Don’t get me wrong we need the Adam Drury’s of this world but he is not the signing that will get the pulse rating – like every club we have fans who you will never please; add in to that the fact that many of us live in the past and have unrealistic expectations and then hopefully you will see that those comments while maybe misinformed are often driven by other factors.


We are passionate but flawed……………..


Thanks Jimmy for contacting us.


Marching onTogether


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