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Right or Wrong Appointment ?

Once again the board of directors of Norwich City Football Club, have surpised just about everyone with their latest decision,  with everyone expecting Malkay Mackay Neil Lennon or Zola to be announced as manager.  All of those have experience, but the board follow the same path they have trod before by turning to inexperience and a club favourite.

Is this the Right or Wrong appointnment  ..  ?     I do not know, but then who does,  but I am disappointed and fearful.

Whether Neil Adams will be more successful that the previous insider appointed,  Bryan Gunn remains to be seen

But I will be throwing my support behind him and his team.

But like many other supporters I have serious questions over this,  the players have been in a downward spiral of confidence last season, the supporters losing faith also,  the club is tettering on the top of a large slide, surely this called for someone who could instill the self belief that has been knocked out and kick the levels up again on the terraces.   Sadly I do not see that person being Neil Adams, as much as I like and respect the man, he is not ready for this level of task.

Supporters can be forgiven for thinking CHEAP OPTION , and Lacking real ambition it certainly has that look to it, Manchester Utd  didn't look inwards by giving the job to their caretaker manager.  WBA are looking outwards along with every other club, but Norwich City. 

It would look to all tense and purposes the board have not learned the lessons of previous mistakes, members on the board are different this time,  but the mistakes look the same.    Delia still controls, in keeping with her little vision of Norwich the small, friendly Country club. 

Why the long drawn out wait, why keep the thousands of loyal supporters hanging on and on again, before taking action; sounds very familiar course of action for our board.   Why was this decision complex as suggested by Delia in her interview on Radio at the begining of the week, nothing complex about this at all, the guy was sitting there all the time.

I, perhaps like many others would like to have seen a manager with experience given the job with Neil Adams working alongside him or in a senior coaching role.  I am sorry I am fearful over this,  fearful for the team and fearful for the reputation of a City stalwart, which will be damaged if this goes pear shaped.    

Why a 3 year contract ?   does the board like handing out large contracts on the unproven, why not a 12 month contract with a review at the end of the season.   Why  cheap cheap like all canaries sing.  This is where some person who has experience on football should have been there to offer advice in making such massive decison, most of the board are from a business background while being like you or me nothing more than supporters.

They have to be made aware and realize if this goes wrong, they are so far out of their depth they are drowning in their own ineptness and naivety. 

On the positive side of things  Neil Adams knows the club back to front, knows how to play the way that is desired, is Norwich through and through.  But is this enough ?   we all have our views and ideas on the matter and I am sure messageboard, twitter etc are buzzing. But we will have to follow the lead from the Board of Directors and wait



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