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Ruddy and Snoddy

So Arsenal are switching their attention to John Ruddy after baulking at the £15 Million price slapped on David Marshall by Cardiff,  that is if reports are to be taken as true.

Reports suggest that Ruddy would cost £6million under half of what Marshall is quoted at being worth.  If Marshall is worth that amount then Ruddy is equally worth that or more,  he has another 2 years worth of Premiership experience and time spent with the England Squads.  

What could concern me if I was to let it, is how does our Board or Committee value our players ?   £6 million is darn cheap compared to the £15mill,  but there is no way a club will pay that amount for Marshall  so a more realistic figure will have to be reached.  But whatever figure Cardiff come up with for a genuine sale, John Ruddy must be worth double that.

Also Hull are said to be interested in Robert Snodgrass, again another under value figure is being touted, of £4 million,  double that and it may be worth talking about. 

If players are going to be sold, dam well make sure we are not selling  too cheaply, those days should be gone..

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