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Run Ends Prematurely in My Eyes

O well it had to end, it has been a remarkable run, but the way it has ended is more disappointing than the fact of losing.  I am sorry to say I have to lay the blame at the manager's door,   you cannot defend for nearly all the second half. 

We were comfortably in control of the game and deservedly took the lead with another brilliantly executed free kick from Snoddy,  our passing, defending and overall play was top drawer.  We could rightly feel unlucky to go in at the interval level,  Bunn was fouled and then obstructed  that lead to their goal.

I sat back waiting for much of the same from City, but it became clear what was going on, I can only assume the players were under instruction, quite early in the half the Ref twice indicated he was watching the time wasting.  Our attacking abmition was left somewhere on dressing floor,  try and contain and defend.

You simply cannot defend for almost a half as a tactic,  then to take off the most creative player we have only signals the intention, as it does every other week, yes he piled on Jackson and Bennett but far too late to do any good.  This has shades of a past managers tactics and he was a full back during his playing days.

The run has been remarkable and everyone deserves the full credit for it, but today was a game in which we should have had at least a share of the spoils,  now come two of the toughest games of the season, no matter were you play home or away.  We could end up next saturday at 5pm with nothing to show from three games and still a tough game to face at Upton park just around the corner.

Luckily for us many of today's results went in our favour with many teams below us all losing or dropping points, I know it seems harsh to judge everything on this one game, but we were comfortable and gave the initative back to Albion, who glady took it; but it was a game we could have won and should have got a draw from.

Not the merry christmas present we all wanted.  

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