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Sack Hughton, Is Bloody Stupid Talk

As many know I was not the biggest fan of Chris Hughton, although thought the appointment was safe and probably the best in the long run.

I struggled to see anything much more than a big struggle this season, I must say I felt that a little stronger after the opening day debacle at Craven Cottage.   But since that day, Hughton has gone up in my estimation, he saw a major need in defence and acted quickly to rectify with the addition of players.

The problem in front of goal was there in pre-season,  he moved to bring in Craig Mackall-Smith but failed and in turn settled for helping Spurs bring on one their talents.  The boy may well come good for us and see us to the next window, when all the stops must be pulled out to get CMS or another target.

But I hear that there are Norwich City Supporters calling for Hughton to be sacked, if he cannot turn the clubs fortunes around in the next 3 games.    What on earth are people thinking about ?   We aren't Newcastle, we haven't got a Mike Ashley calling the shots, thank God. 

I simply cannot believe that such calls could be made at this stage of the season; if we were playing terrible football getting thumped every game and not creating anything, then there is voice for concern but not sacking.  We heard this last week at Southampton, where Nigel Adkins came under the hammer, and after what he has done for the club.   The response was first class in thumping a certain Mr Lambert's team into submission, lead by their version of Grant Holt - Ricky Lambert.

I hope that City will do much the same thing next saturday against another winless outfit, Liverpool, I never thought I would write that. It shows that teams will struggle no matter how big or small they are.  The secret is to get behind the team and manager; not call for his head, honestly what good will that achieve ?

We changed manager in the summer, along with a few other teams, there aren't  many out of that number who are streaming away with win after win,   Swansea lost again, Villa and Liverpool lost also, after watching the games I know which team I am more satisfied with. 

There is a long way to go, many points to be won, we have been much, much worse than we are now, have we got such short memories ? If decisions are needed at that level then we have David McNally to act for us, he has proved before he doesn't suffer fools gladly. 

I say we all get t behind the Manager and his team, it is the only way we will get through this and go onto achieve what we all want.....another season in the top flight.


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