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Seen It Before.. Act Now

I have been reading round various view points from differing City based sites,  writers are now changing their minds on Chris Hughton and his management team.

There is a divide amongst the City following, several people I know who atend home and away games have relayed that tension between fans runs high, supporters of opposing views openly shouting and arguing with each other during recent home games.

I remember the last time City fans were so divided  was over Nighel Worthington.  Being one of the founders and instigators of the "Worthy Out" Campaign I would hate to see people go down that route again,  many of us suffered bucket loads of verbal abuse, we were spat at plus having coffee thrown at us, I personally  had threats to my children's safety at school. It ripped the support in half, it effected friends and family members.

Why ...Mainly because the Board dillied and dallied over making a decision over the manager.  I like many other City supporters are worried that this could happen again, the signs are already there.

While Hughton's record is very poor,  I feel it isn't always about losing a game, it has more to do with the manner with which we lose.

We have seen too many no shows like yesterday before under this regime, had rather a lot of " We will sort this out quickly'" after games like this; yet we come round to another one,  time after time. 

Judge me on my squad Hughton said,  this is His squad now he has been through enough transfer windows to get his seal on the squad; yet the same problems are still there.

Enough is Enough ... Mr McNally. Mr Bowkett, Delia and Michael you have seen this before, don't  Dilly around again. Much more is at stake.



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