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Snodgrass rumours a plenty

Further to the earlier post it seems the rumour mil is currently in overdrive on Robert Snodgrass

Hull for £4m is todays latest one - although the local press in East Yorkshire have no mention of it, and being from the area I know all too well that they like to publish anything and everything Tigers related up there.

This is on top of rumours seen in the last week of bids of up to £6m from Hull, Villa, and Fulham

Not sure where he will end up - but I believe strongly

a) £6m is nearer fair value

b) We'll never sell him to Villa!

Personally I would have thought at the end of last season that one of our Dutch contingent would have been first to jump ship - probably Leroy Fer, but with him away at the world cup that seems to have gone quiet

Time will tell who is first to go - but there seems to be plenty of interest in the press at least in a number of our players, some of whom i'll be sorry to see go, some I won't!  I'll let you make your own mind up which category each prospective departure falls into - I suspect many City fans will be of the same thinking on most prospective player sales, and their true value to the club/squad

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