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Some are never happy

Leaving Carrow Road yesterday must have been a pleasing experience, 4 goals, hat trick from a striker getting his confidence back, a clean sheet, despite losing a defender after 20 minutes, and then a peach of a free kick to finish the game.

You would think everyone would be happy wouldn't you.. Far from it.. a listen to Canary Call and you would think we had failed again to dispatch lowly opposition.  They were worse than non league Sutton Utd, whom City sent away on the end of a  8-0, thumping,   but that was back in 1989.  Just what the hell has that anything to do with beating a side in the championship  four nil.  I have no idea.

It has been said City have failed in past home matches to break down opposition of similar ilk to Blackpool, yet we saw off Hudderfield and Millwall very comfortably, the referrence to Sutton was not heard then.   I personally do wonder about some who claim to be supporters,  probably have not set foot in Carrow Road since 1989 (Yea the year we beat Sutton Utd)  We could have beaten Derby or Ipswich and they would have found some other excuse,  now I know everybody has the right to an opinion. Canary Call was set up for that (well until Rob Butler took charge)  but why do we have to be subjected to the moans and groans of people who will never ever be happy, they have probably been sitting all week getting ready for his few minutes of fame on the Wireless.   I will be hitting the mute button when I hear their names mentioned next time and the time after.

Whatever league or standard of football you can only beat the team standing in front of you, at the end of the day it is those precious three points that really matter.   But to critize your team after a very professional and comfortable display just beats me.   There were many, many positives to be had from yesterday, none more important than the next, but to see Alex Neil's work at Colney being executed on the field must just shade it. 

Hooper hitting a hat trick, Grabban playing a selfless role up front, Hoolahan being the Hoolahan we all know and want, the defence holding out despite loosing a man,  Johnson spraying passes all over the park, Howson working his little socks off. Ruddy making a great save when he could have been excused for being cold, and then a peach of a free kick that would have Jug Lugs on MOTD purring in delight, whoops if it was from Liverpool or Utd.

What the hell is there to moan about.

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