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Something is Badly Wrong at City.

Am I surprised about losing to a lower league side in the FA Cup  absolutely not....., am I angry about it?  Bloody right I am. A caller on on Canary Call stated some stats that 19 times we have now been knocked out of both cups  since 1995.  It is a disgusting fact of how this club has sunk  

It as usual,  the manner in which we went out, that nagers me..... no effort, no passion, no nothing not even a shot on taget. Fans are saying it looked as if the players were not bothered one iota either.

  Over a thousand fans paid good money yet gain to travel north, many of the same will pay again to follow them to Bournemouth.   They have every right to be angry and want to vent that anger; I did not travel yet I am bloody angry.

It is all well and good blaming Neil Adams although he has to take a share, the players take a share perhaps a larger part.

But it about time the fans of this club started challenging the board and in particular David McNally, these are the people who have dillied and dallied while this club hyas gone down the pan to league one back, up to the premiership.Then they were presented with the best opportunity to keep this club in the top flight.  But again they sat idely on their hands while we slipped down and down, until it was far too late to really make a difference.

Yet despite scouring Europe  (which is becoming a sick joke)  we find ourselves slipping and slipping down culminating in more dire performences . I am not laying the blame on Neil Adams, he is a City man through and through;  of course he would jump at the chance to manage his club, irrespective of quailifications.    Don't you think that David McNally and the board knew exactly that  and used it to their own or personal advantage.

To cover up their own cracks they come out with this crap of  " scouring Europe",   are they so ignorant to believe the fans believe that ?

They and anybody else cannot tell me there was not a manager who had better quailifications, experience and better suited to managing a side in the championship, than Neil Adams,    I do not believe it for one minute.

There is something terribly wrong at the club, something that runs deep,  far deeper than any manager, any coach  or any players.   Serious questions now need asking and answering by all the board and not just hiding behind David McNally.  Who I believe has too much power and say in the football side of the club.  .


something is wrong


( I must apologise for this article, I should have waited to calm down before writing )


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