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Step Up and Respond

Today is all about response,  a step up and show we have that bouncebackability  (yea I know)  njot only to manager the fans, but the rest of the league.  Bournemouth bounced back in style hammering Fulham at their Cottage a place where City have always failed to deliver.  The Den old or new is not high up on City happy grounds, but today any thoughts of that type of thing are to be laid to rest.

Another defeat and all the hard work and excellent results of late,  may just to loose their edge in the hopes of an Automatic spot, yea play-offs would be acceptable but I am sure that nobody at the club or following them would really want that lottery. We do not need the extra games and Fans do not need the extra expense.

Whatever reason was behind Wednesday's reverse is gone and history now, the next is to make sure it does not happen today. 

It was a big blow to lose Grabban, it could not have comee at a worse time,  but the boast has been the quaility and size of the squad, now is the time for those in that squad,  to show that quaility.   The home side are desperate for the points for another  Expect a battle royal and those who want it the most will no doubt emerge as victors, we really should have enough about us the come away with the points.

Over to the players, they know exactly what is at stake.. Do not be the next meal for the Lions ,

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