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Still Got a Bad Taste

It's Monday morning and I still can't clear the lump stuck in my throat,  words sometimes do not seem adequate to describe how I  feel after that debacle by the officials.    I lump the ref into this as well, although it is said he didn't give the penalty, so let's try another and better way of saying things,   "he didn't see that there was a penalty to be given and didn't award it right away"  and he was right on top of play.


It look a linesman (yea I know that isn't correct nowadays)   standing yards away, with other players in his line of sight to highlight the offence,  when had he seen the incident clearly he would have seen Kamara (see picture) was also having his shirt pulled as well.   This Lino moments earlier had such bad eyesight he gave another wrong decision for a corner, which lead to the incident, and this was right under his nose.











But a Referee has the authority to overrule his officials if he believes that they are wrong or have not seen things clearly, and as sure as eggs are egg, this official could not have seen things clearly at all.

I know it might be seen as sour grapes seeing as we went on to collapse, but had that not been given who is to say what could have happened;   we could have held on to record a very good victory causing an upset, or Arsenal may have sneaked a goal and got a draw.   Yea we may have been outplayed at times, not have had so much of the ball, but just about every team that goes there suffers that as well. 

I have said repeatedly on here that I am against us losing (Have had to get use to that over the years)  but always it is the manner of defeat that can rankle me, if the players don't give their all is possibily the worst case,  but that can move over now after this.  It is often said Officials can play a massive part in the outcome of a game, this incident not only shows that it also show how it can effect the outcome of a clubs season too.
This isn't the first time we have lost points because of strange and very debatable decisions by officials, and I am sure there will be other clubs who can say exactly the same thing,  but why does it seem to happen when so called smaller clubs are playing the so called big boys ?

City had done more than enough to claim the victory on Saturday, every player had worked thier socks off, Hughton got everything right that day, and then along comes a linesman with bad eye sight to take everything away.  Experts talk about turning points in a game, surely we must have one of the biggest ones of the season.

We now need to take all that fight and passion into the next game, put all the bitter disappointment behind, and concentrate on helping Reading to get closer to that trapdoor.  It isn't as I have anything against Reading at all,   just City are MY team and nobody else matters to me.


*We have been informed that a City Supporter got hit with a bottle that was thrown from the Home terraces into the City compound, Stewards were said to have done nothing. We hope that there wasn't no injury and damage caused, but it does need highlighting and action taken" 


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