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Straws and Clutching

Another game at The Cottage and another defeat, although this one much closer with City dominating for long periods, the same old story that has dogged the club for nearly two seasons The Failure to convert the chances.   In saying that only a couple of sublime saves saved Fulham from another home defeat and denied a plucky and valiant effort.

Hope was high before the game along with expectation of what Neil Adams line up would be, in my eyes he didn't disappoint at all.  no place for Yobo or Bassong, to players who have been good at times for City but prone to many mistakes. In come Turner and drafted in alongside Martin in his preferred place. Whittaker coming in from the cold at right back, I  was surprised Hoolahan didn't make the starting elevern, but adopting a diamond shape the old question arose of "where does Hoolahan fit" 

I cannot and will not fault Neil Adams one iota, his task and the games ahead would make some managers cringe, the difference after one week with Adams and Co could be seen, it is a shame this game didn't come a couple of weeks later, by then I would expect it to be a different story.

With just about every pundit, expert what ever you want to call them,  saying we are down after yesterday defeat the case does look lost, even many City followers have resigned themselves to Championship football next season.  Whether I am clutching hold of any straw I do not know or care, we are still two points clear and have 4 games to go.  All the teams we have to play have been beaten this season why not Norwich. They will come up against us expecting a walk in the park as many of them are so wrapped up in themselves they can overlook at team fighting for their lives.

Straws, short and weak I may be holding but I will not give up this new found hope for anyone.

Boards Fault

Should the expected happen and we drop through the hatch, the CEO and Board must hold their hands up, they are the ones who hold the power and pull the strings, they sat on their hands far  too long ,  hoping Chris Hughton would do something he had not been able to do for months and turn the fortunes round.   Hughton has his share of the blame from the supporters and rightly so, but it is the people in power who have failed,  they have been blind or not willing to see the bloody mess, it wasn't creeping up on the team un noticed, it started just after the 10 game run last season and never improved, despite the millions spent.

Yet they will continue issuing statements of getting together, being united etc, when in truth the fans have always been behind the team, it was the coaching set up that caused the divisions

I have little doubt we will see more PR statements of being in it together, especially if we fail and go down,   the fans will turn out in force no matter what league we are in, the fans are not IN IT, it is the Board that are right up to their necks and the mess Stinks.

I feel a little sorry for Neil Adams,  yes he is a big boy and knows fully what the score is, but to use a faithfull stalwart of the club in what many see as a thankless task is a little below the belt,  should we fail  Adams is going to be known as the manager who took us down. We know That could not be further from the truth but many others will not bother to look for the real truth.

Come on you Yellows,  let's surprise people


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