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Strengthen.. Just a lIttle Bit Quicker....Please

As the Summer sales start to get into full swing, I must admit to being a little flat by City efforts so far, yea I know that we see see the public side of things and much hard work goes on in the background.  

I am not totally unhappy about the two who have come into the fold, but there are are good players going to other clubs, while we don't seem to be doing much.  I know we have put bids on Snodgrass, but with two good wingers already in the camp do we need another one ? To add to a  midfield that is swarming with bodies.

I and many other supporters clearly see the need for defenders,   from last season's squad we have lost Drury and Whitbread and Naughton has gone back to North London.  I keep reading about Curtis Davies and how Chris Hughton admires the player and  what a could player he is, yet we have placed no bid (according to Lee Clark)  If Davies is wanted then for gawd's sake go and get him before someone else does.  The same applies to Naughton, we know full well what he can do so he isn't such a gamble, plus by all accounts he loved his time in Norfolk.

We have left for the centre back places, Ayala, Bennett and Ward.... Ayala and Bennett however good are young and lack a few years experience  and I doubt  Ward quite  has the premiership quaility to be a regular first teamer. If martin play

The full back berths look very thin on the ground, with Martin, Tierney, Whittaker (if he gets clearence) and young Francombe, clearly we need depth of cover there.  Again we don't see a lot going on, while two very good full backs head off to new pastures and one of them had strong City links for transfer.  Chris Gunter ( Forest rejected City's Offers last season)  has gone to Reading and today Southampton are very close to nabbing Nathaniel Clyne from Palace.

Either of these two would have been excellent additions to the squad.  I am an impatient sort of chap at times, but I know I don't come anywhere near Lambert for impatience,  the season kick off is some 4 and a bit weeks away and we look to still have a largish piece of business to be done. 

As I said I don't know all that goes on behind the public face, I can only pass comment on what we see and read, with that said I would still like to know why are we seemingly dragging our heels ?   It can't be money, Chairman Bowkett has gone on record as saying the manager has the biggest ever budget handed by the club.

Just what that is I don't know and  wouldn't really want to see it in public, but I can hazzard a guesstimate   .It was reported Lambert spent in the region of £13 million last season, so this seasons figure must be someway above that for the chairman to make such a statement.

It doesn't really need me to remind,  just how important staying up this season really is, with the new bigger rewards ready to kick in next season.  It was clear as the nose on my face that the defence needs tightening up, last season goal columns shout the facts;  I am trusting that Chris Hughton and Co have this all in hand and will come up with some surprises, but i would like to see the action start sooner rather than later, as good quaility players are snapped up.


Forgive me if I seem too impatient.

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