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Ten Pounds Not Enough For Luton

I am a little astonished that David McNally has felt the need to defend the pricing policy of the up coming FA Cup game with Conference National side Luton Town, he really should not have had to do so,  simply no need. 

Also I am as equally bemused that Luton Town feel the need to criticise the cost of a ticket at £10, perhaps Luton would like their own supporters to have pay some of the prices that I have seen quoted at other grounds

It is not uncommon to read of ticket prices in the region of  £60-£80 per game, yet here we have a ten pound game and still someone is not happy. It beggars belief.

.  Wonder if they would like the following idea,  City could keep the ticket prices at £10 for thier own supporters and charge Luton for a Catagory A game somewhere in the region of £50, which in truth is what it is for them.


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