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Thank God We Don't Play them Again lololol

I take it the knives and axes are out again, crying for Neil Adams head after another dissappointing second defeat to Reading.    I was not surprised in the team set up, after all this had worked well oin a couple of previous games  and being honest had enough in and about it to do the job.  If not the bench was more that adequate with Hoolahan Redmond and Grabban, but all failed to deliver anything near what was needed and wanted.

A game strewn with mistake after mistake, giving, losing the ball in all the wrong places ( There really isn't a right place)  players making the wrong decisions, not perhaps giving the effort , certainly not like their opposition did.   Isd it a case of Reading wanted this more if so then these players are not the ones for City.

There can be no excuses used for playing the second game in as many days not traveling to Berkshire, it was the same for every frecking club in the country..

I have little doubts in my mind this one is down to the players for what ever reason they care to come up with. the set up, implimented after the Reading home game had worked with success ; I can  see no reason not to use it again.  When this solid midfield worked everybody was singing the praises of Mike Phelan, now it has not brought success.. it is suddenly all Neil Adams fault.  

Sorry people it cannot be used two ways,  nobody can say Adams did not try, he brought two subs on very early  a lot earlier than we had seen with the previous regime when everybody moaned and groaned about being late.

I am sick and tired of hearing how inexperienced Adams is a quick up at the league managers will show there are many who are more experienced than Adams and sit struggling below City. We all called for a more experienced head beside Adams we have that now.

Yesterday was more the fault of the players, who suddenly were a shadow of the ones who fought at Derby and strode over Millwall.  it is them where the finger should be pointing.  

Perhaps if they were to hold their hands up and apologise to traveling 2000 plus  fans and many tuning in on the radio, it might just help a growing situtaion to calm a little.

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