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Thanks, Good bye.. Move On

It looks odd on the Paul Lambert will soon be crowned Villa manager, some sources predict that it could be as early as today. 

We don't need reminding of the his work and guidence in getting City from the doldrums of league one to the dizzy heights of 12th in the Premiership, we City fans lived and shared that dream every step of the way.  Yes many of us don't like the way he has conducted himself of late, we felt we deserved a little bit more respect than we received.

None of us would begrudge him the right to step on to a bigger stage, but we are not sure that he has done that. He is clearly happy with not being first choice.  I wish him well, except not at the expense of City.

I personally feel that he had a dam good idea what was coming, his timing of handing in his resignation almost conincided with Roberto Martinez deciding to stay at Wigan, opening the door for him at Villa. Although there is no concrete proof of this, it certainly stacks up to look that way.  

Now he is as good as gone and I want to move on, I don't support or favour ex managers or players,  speaking of players early rumours suggest that Grant Holt could be Lambert's first signing.

Now call be a conspiracy nut,  but Holt's transfer request seems to slot in with the rest of  this scenario,  did he know what was going on or manage a educated guess?  Given the silence since his publicised meeting with David McNally,  what are the fans left to draw, but their own conclusions. 

I sincerely hope the club does,

(1) Get the best possible compensation from Villa, Swansea are reported to have recieved £5mill from Liverpool, for Rodgers;  we are no different to Swansea . 

(2)  To appoint a new man, reasonably  fast , much like they did with Lambert.  And this man does not turn out to be one of the usual suspects that limps from failure to failure and club to club.  (Bruce, McCarthy etc ) or the likes of those who have been out of work for some time (Hoddle, Curbishly etc)   And above all please with the biggest  NO ever;  Nigel Worthington who has said he would be interested in the vacancy, you had your chance there mate and blew it.

(3)That no offers for main squad players are accepted until the new man has found his feet and knows what he has got around him to work with.   

Of course it goes without really saying,  that enough time is given for adding to squad.

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