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That is More than Enough ...

That surely is enough now.  It reminds me of the Burnley game a few seasons ago, when the last Irish Full Back manager was sacked.   Darel Russell in his comments said the team has no identity, no leadership, a team of strangers.  Hughton's team was said to have no identity last season as many were Paul Lambert's purchases. but that cannot be said now this season.   This is not the first debacle we have witnessed under his reign.

Listening to Chris Goreham's commentary and Rusty's comments the players are not innocent in this latest debacle under Hughton. It sounded very much to me they did not want to play for him, ignoring instruction.  perhaps they didn't want to be there. It maybe because it was a cup game of little importance to them, after all the league is the bread and butter.

But there were hundred's of faithful City followers there yet again,despite seeing some of the worst football since the days of Roeder they still spend hundred's of pounds following their team. They have been cheated and robbed  yet again, they deserve much much better, Hughton and his players should personally apologise to these people, the club knows who they are. That is the least. 

When David McNally came here, he was ruthless in sacking Bryan Gunn after he had won a Cup match, why is this man being allowed so much time.  He has no more idea than Gunn, Grant or Roeder had. 

Hughton Out Now

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