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That £9.2 Million Bid

Norwich City Chief Executive David McNally says the club did not make a £9.2 million bid for Celtic striker Gary Hooper.

In a tweet issued today McNally says "I really don't know anything about a £9.2m bid for any player because we didn't make it."

I can't say many actually believed that City did, when the news of this bid first surfaced, several of us thought it was a hoax, a clone of a real sport's reporters account. We  decided to post news of it  with the claim we thought it was a hoax,  we like a heck of a lot of City supporters wanted it to be true.  Then we recieved details of a flight scheduled to land at City Airport from Glasgow, only heightened that hope.

We didn't hold out any hope that City would have made such a bid within the last few hours of the window when they had the previous 30 days  to make that bid.   It was clear from their bids they did not value Hooper anywhere near that price or even the £8million Celtic wanted, even though Celtic had said  they had not put a price on Hooper's head;  when clearly they had, how would they know it hadn't been met ?

As for Celtic Manager Lennon blaming the Norfolk end for the leaks to the media at the begining of the bidding, he certainly used the very same media to ridicule the bids City made, even using Twitter. Wholly unprofessional for a manager of any club.

To be honest I don't think anyone covered themselves in glory through the whole pantomime, but at least we didn't have Hooper flying down to Norwich only to be denied entrance to the club,  as one fiasco finsihed up.

  I have criticised the way the bidding was carried out, along with reported small increases, which to me didn't look like a club who were that serious in getting the player. 

But I am not privvy to the full story and I take my hat off to the club  that they have not been taken to cleaners over money for a player that in truth is not that proven at any other level than in Scotland in a One team League. Ok he has scored in some European games but that doesn't make him a premiership player;  and nowhere near the value slapped upon his head.  I still would have preferred to see the money channeled towards Wales and Danny Graham, hopefully we will get to know just what happened with that bid.

Every club has a highier value on a player when another club comes calling, but normally a middle ground can be found and a fair price for both sides agreed upon in the end,  in this case Celtic spoke with a forked tongue saying on one hand he is not for sale,  then seemingly inviting bids with the "Get Real with offers"

But at the end of the day, we didn't pay an over inflated price, and for that we should be thankful, that has to over- ride the disappoint of what many of us sees as a window of failure.  But that would be unkind to  Becchio, Camp and Kamara, these guys have to given a chance and our support, we might just have that little extra edge we need.

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